Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. What's the best way to get started on SSH Control?

    A. First, Register on our site. You can try out our service for free. After you have filled out the registration form, you will be sent an email to verify your identity. Click the link in the email to complete the verification process.


    After verification, you may start creating project repositories and inviting other users to collaborate on your projects, but we highly recommend you set your profile SSH key for easier accessibility to projects you create and projects you are invited to. See below for more information on how to set your profile SSH key.

  2. Q. I was just invited to a project. How do I accept the invitation and start checking out code?

    A. When you are logged in, click on the invitations tab, and review all pending invitations. You can choose to simply accept the project invitation, or accept with your profile SSH key. Accepting an invitation with your profile SSH key is recommended because then you won't have to go through the extra step of adding it to the project separately. See below for more information on how to set your profile SSH key.


    Once you have added an SSH key to the project, you will be presented with your checkout command, which you can copy and paste into your favorite shell window.

  3. Q. How can I create an SSH key?

    A. Here is a command that works in most versions of Unix:

    ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048

    If you don't use Unix, you may use our online generation tool.

    To find out more, please see this Getting started with SSH Guide

  4. Q. How can I set my profile SSH key?

    A. First, create an SSH Key as shown above. Next, cut and paste the contents of the public key file into the web form box. You can use cat to display the file:

    cat $HOME/.ssh/

    Just cut and paste that whole long string (starting with ssh-rsa or ssh-dsa ) into the profile key form in the PROFILE tab. Next, press the save button.

  5. Q. How can I start a new project and add my profile SSH key to the project?

    A. Click the Projects button in Member Portal and create a new project.


    Press the "Profile SSH Key" button for the new project. Then press the project view button to see the command to cut and paste with your mouse into your shell window to check out the project source code.

    At this point, if you haven't used your entire Project SSH Key allotment (see Pricing page for information on the number of Project SSH Keys you have), you can invite other users to collaborate with you on the project. You start off with a 2-project-access-key allotment on the free account. See pricing for more information on the different account levels.

  6. Q. How can I cancel my paid subscription?

    A. Just go to Paypal and use the subscription control panel to discontinue the SSH Control subscription.