Technical Foundation

Proven Reliability, Controlled Process

SSH Control makes sure your source code is safe. We do this by using Amazon EC2 and S3 services to provide the highest level of reliability and scalable quality to all of our customers. Every project on SSH Control is backed up to S3 in an encrypted form so that our clients do not need to trust Amazon. Similarly, we back up all projects to servers in Europe and California to ensure that all source code is safe. This backup strategy ensures that developers can access their code whenever they need to so that they can focus on the code itself and not system administration. By using SSH Control, our customers are leveraging a process that has been used extensively and tested many times over to provide reliable and quality controlled service and a cost many times less than a traditional server or system administrator. By decoupling key administration, the chance of security policy administration error using SSH Control is substantially less than the chance of mistakes with classical Unix authentication tools.