Management Team

Rudi Cilibrasi, CEO

Dr. Rudi Cilibrasi is a lifetime computer programmer. After growing up in California, he graduated from California Institute of Technology with a B.S. and later got his Doctorate in the Netherlands. He has done research in machine learning and artificial intelligence, specializing in universal machine learning using data compressors. His research includes nonclassical statistical techniques using data compression and he provides his technology for free as open source software available for download from . Cilibrasi has enjoyed programming for 28 years, and continues to enjoy it to this day. He has contributed to the Linux kernel as well as the Debian system . He has enjoyed devising a scalable and secure architecture to support fine-grained control of arbitrary services over SSH.

Anna Lissa Cruz, CTO

Ms. Anna Lissa Cruz is a Ruby development consultant and internet specialist. A summa cum laude graduate from San Francisco State University, she has been involved in technology development as a programmer, system administrator, and e-commerce specialist for the last five years. Her years of consulting allowed her unique insight into the challenges and needs of a freelance software developer with regards to source code control. While studying agile methodologies and extreme programming, Cruz has developed e-commerce websites for touring companies and bookstores in Europe and also provided services in the United States. She has codified this experience into shell scripts that provide safe access to source code assets at SSH Control.