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SSH Control currently provides SSH-based project hosting via Git, Mercurial, or Subversion for

387 projects

and 759 accounts.

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SSH Control provides always-available service anywhere on the internet. Because it uses industry standard authentication and encryption over the SSH protocol, it means developers can rely on a common repository at all times. This encourages developers to integrate the source code repository system into their workflow in a more frequent and fine-grained way. Once developers come to learn that SSH Control is always available as a convenient and reliable meeting place for their development team, they learn new ways to use revision control to communicate and produce software. Because all developers are given the freedom to manage their own public keys for each project, they can spend time on what they enjoy most: writing code. Similarly, managers can easily track the activity of a project through a number of indicators within the SSH Control website. When resource limits are approached, it is simple to upgrade to a paid or higher paid level. This simplicity and ease of use mean that developers wind up using revision control more often and in more ways than before.

SSH Control staff have used revision control systems for over a decade starting with CVS and by now have managed to systematize their repository management scripts to provide the quality repository management service that our customers enjoy. After learning centralized and decentralized revision control systems, we realized that there could be no substitute for ubiquitous secure project management over SSH.