Source Code Management Simplified

SSH Control focuses on giving the developer the power to choose an individualized workflow. Project managers are freed from the technical details of public key administration and instead are presented with a simple radio-button matrix with developers in a web-based GUI.

Managers only need to indicate if a developer has full read/write access, read-only access, or no access to each project. Each project and developer is individually controlled.

A public SSH key can be uploaded after a developer has gotten an invitation to join a project. Additional public keys can be uploaded and any keys can be removed without bothering the project manager. This decoupling of SSH public key administration from developer access control allows for more efficient project management with less blocking. Our simple GUI provides an easy way for beginners or advanced revision control users to receive world-class repository service at a fixed low monthly rate. Each developer is free to choose whether to use just one key for all projects, a single unique key for each project, or a combination of several different keys for several different projects. All developer workflows are transparently accomodated equally simply and the project manager need not be involved beyond the first step of sending an invitation. Yet, at any time, the project manager may temporarily disable a developer's access to a project. Alternatively, a project manager or developer may decide to remove a developer permanently from a project. This is possible from either side, and thus both developers and managers can be assured that they have the maximum freedom to concentrate on their source code, development team, and work plan.

Whenever a new project is created, it is always possible to choose if it is a centralized Subversion repository or a decentralized git or Mercurial (hg) repository. SSH Control allows all users the freedom to choose the best repository type for each project individually at no additional cost.