SSH Control offers service in three levels of quality:

  • free,
  • basic,
  • and premium.

FREE level

Price free
Projects 1
Project SSH Keys 2
Storage 3M

All users are entitled to a single free billing account when they first log in to the SSH Control system. This is enough to create a project and try a restricted version of the system. Paid customers gain more burstable bandwidth, monthly bandwidth quota, disk storage quota, and access to more project assignment lockers.

BASIC paid level

Price $ 4.75 /mo
Projects 8
Project SSH Keys 32
Storage 200M

The basic level is the cheapest and is enough for small and some medium sized projects.

PREMIUM paid level

Price $ 9.75 /mo
Projects 32
Project SSH Keys 128
Storage 1G

The premium level costs more and is intended for highly active developers, development teams, or business users. Some large teams or corporations may exceed the constraints of a single premium billing account.

Scalable resource deployment via multiple billing accounts

In this case, it makes sense to start another premium billing account and move some projects over to balance things out. The premium account offers the best value in all resource quotas, so larger users will want to organize their projects into different billing accounts according to their management needs. Every user is allowed to make as many billing accounts as they need for their purposes. Each user is allowed to have only one free billing account at a time, however. It is easy to upgrade a free billing account to a basic paid or premium paid level at any time with a low monthly subscription fee.