Our Services

We provide secure, fine-grained access-controlled source code repository hosting at a low monthly fee.

GIT, HG (Mercurial), SVN (Subversion) over SSH

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Managers and Access Control

In SSH Control, every project has a manager. The manager invites users to the team. The members of a project team are all assigned one of three access levels: full access is the default, and is also called read/write access. Another access level is called read-only access. This is useful for new team members to study the code before they should be allowed to commit changes. The last access level is called disabled and this means that the team member is currently not able to access the project repository. The project manager can switch the access level of any developer at any time and can switch again whenever it is appropriate. In this way, it is easy to maintain consistent and tight control over which developers have access to the repository at all times using the SSH Control website.

Easy developer access control with encryption

In order to ensure privacy, SSH Control makes extensive use of encryption. We use SSL to hide private information entered into our website, and we require all developers to access source code repositories strictly through SSH. This simple requirement ensures that all source code access is secure against eavesdropping. We further use encryption when sending source code to be backed up to Amazon S3 or to our datacenter in California. Before sending source code repositories over the internet, we make sure to encrypt it so that unauthorized parties cannot access the code.

Adapting to the latest trends

At SSH Control, we understand that things change fast in software development, and that adaptive teams win the race. We support fast response with instantaneous permission updates through the web browser for all project managers. Fine grained team control has never been so easy.