SSH Control provides Git, Mercurial (hg), and Subversion (svn) service over SSH commercially.

SSH Control has reviewed all major revision control systems, and selected the most highly respected centralized and distributed software available:

Git, Mercurial (hg), and Subversion (svn)
are currently the best for new projects.

Free service for small projects.

SSH Control provides fine-grained control over read and write access on a per-project basis and allows users to easily manage their own SSH keys. SSH access control need not be a costly or error-prone procedure. We simplify username based SSH access control in a real-time and convenient web interface. Where traditional approaches use system administration resources in-house to provide repository access, we streamline and simplify the process by automating account creation and using custom tools to give our users easier administration. By leveraging Amazon S3 and EC2 technology as well as our data center in California, we provide superior service and reliable and safe backups for all users.

Free accounts are available to evaluate our service and may be enough for small projects. Larger projects, professionals, or businesses will be interested in our paid account upgrades.